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Whether you’re in the market to purchase your first home or looking to build your investment portfolio, the competitive advantage is yours with the team at Mortgage Direct.

Dedicated to building strong client partnerships, our focus is on delivering results that achieve your investment goals. We not only specialise in curating exceptional lending solutions, but offer ongoing support to guide you throughout your investment journey.

To start building the future as you see it, just talk to us.

“Eighteen months ago I was living in a virtually derelict home – admittedly with very good bones – wondering how I was going to finance
the renovations so desperately needed. Self-employed, single income and no equity in the property the odds seemed stacked against me.


“Jo from Mortgage Direct was literally my saviour! She guided me through the entire process, gave me excellent advice and found me a mortgage that perfectly fitted my needs! And today my home is featured in House & Garden magazine!”


– Linda, Sydney

High income, low deposit? No problem.

At the top of your work game but struggling to enter the property market? We’ll help you into your first home with our Home Owners Package. Structured specifically to suit high-income earners with a growing deposit and a great rental track record, we can arrange a loan to help you get into your home sooner. just talk to us

Seize your investment opportunity at home loan rates

If you have equity in your home, let us help you secure your next investment opportunity. Whether you are looking to fund your new business venture, investing in a share portfolio or buying an investment property, we can offer you a loan at standard home loan rates. To find out how we can best structure your lending, just talk to us.


Looking to refinance? Switch and Save with Mortgage Direct

If you currently have a home loan elsewhere, you may be paying too much. MortgageDirect can review your existing loans to see whether we can save you money. There’s nothing to lose – talk to us today

Opening the door to self-employed lending

Getting a home loan can become instantly complicated when you mention that you’re self-employed. Whether you have a lot of documentation or a little, we offer home loan solutions specifically tailored to self- employed borrowers. To find out how we can best structure your lending, just talk to us.

Buying your home, away from home

Sitting on the London underground thinking of owning a little fresh green grass back home? Perfectly understandable. If you are an Australian or New Zealander living overseas, we can help you buy a property in Australia. Just talk to us.

Need a helping hand?

A family guarantee loan is a way for your parents or family to help purchase a home without them actually providing cash for a deposit.  Your family uses their own home’s equity to provide security for a portion of your loan amount.

Family guarantees are limited, and allow access to the market for those who do not have a lump sum deposit.  With a family guarantee, you can also often borrow the full purchase price (plus up to 10% to cover costs).

What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)?

Lenders Mortgage Insurance is one way of getting into home-ownership without having the 20% deposit which is typically required by most banks and most financial institutions.

With Lenders Mortgage Insurance, lenders may allow you to borrow a higher proportion of the purchase price, allowing you to purchase a property with a smaller deposit than would otherwise be required. It may also enable you to borrow at an interest rate that is comparable to a borrower who has a larger deposit.

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