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Successful people know that to achieve financial security it pays to have a smart financial services team on their side. Mortgage Direct is the first choice for those successful people who desire financial security and control, now and for the future.

Mortgage Direct has built its reputation with strong client relationships over many years. We’ll assist you in making informed decisions to build your best financial life. Offering discreet, personalised service and high performance solutions, the team at Mortgage Direct are the finance experts.

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Need a bigger home?

With so many finance options available, how can you know which one will work best for you? Our team at Mortgage Direct has the knowledge, expertise and dedicated personal service to ensure you’re recommended the finance solution that best suits your unique requirements, now and for the future.

You will have more flexibility, greater control and also will be able to get ahead sooner.

Need a helping hand?

A family guarantee loan is a way for your parents or family to help purchase
a home without them actually providing cash for a deposit.
Your family use their own homes equity to provide security for a portion
of your loan amount.

Key benefits

  • Guarantee is limited.
  • Allows access to the market for those who do not have a lump sum deposit.
  • Allows borrowing of the full purchase price plus up to 10% to cover costs.

Lenders Mortgage Insurance

Lenders Mortgage Insurance is one way of getting into home-ownership without having the 20% deposit which is typically required by most banks and most financial institutions.

With Lenders Mortgage Insurance, lenders may allow you to borrow a higher proportion of the purchase price, allowing you to purchase a property with a smaller deposit than would otherwise be required. It may also enable you to borrow at an interest rate that is comparable to a borrower who has a larger deposit.

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